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New virus changing Facebook status into spam message

October 4th, 2009 Comments off

When I woke up this morning and check my email. I got a comment from my friend about my status in facebook. When I check it, it’s appear that my facebook status have been changed into this text:

I’m 8 1/2 pounds lighter thanks to the FREE trial pack of this new colon cleanser that I got! visit to get yours! nUW

The additional info about this status is that this status updated 10 hours ago via Mobile Web.That time, my cellphone is inactive, and I’m sleeping.

I search about this issue in google, and I got a few post about it:

Im my case, my cellphone is inactive, so the chance that my cellphone do the status update is zero. My guess is that one of my friends got his cellphone infected, then from that the virus update other firend’s status with the spam message.

Please check your facebook status and your other friend’s status now. I’m still searching the setting in facebook to prevent others from update my status. I’m revoking application’s privilege to post anything in my streams, but I think the virus using some bug in facebook API.

Please tell other via twitter, plurk, facebook, and other media.


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